Screen 5: Length-weight calculations for: EMW-275 (reference id: 2 )

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EMW idEMW reference idLength-weight calculation idFAO species categorySpeciesScientific nameOriginal length typeLength type assumed (if none given)Original length lowerOriginal length upperSex to which this length appliesLength type used in
LW calculation
Lower length used in
LW calculation
Upper length used in
LW calculation
Length-length formula idLength-weight formula idCalculated weight lower (g)Calculated weight upper (g)Good match LW formula?Rejected reason codeNotes
EMW-27523Madeiran sardinellaMadeiran sardinellaSardinella maderensisSL25.0025.00TL33.2533.25LL-1LW-1280.57280.57N
EMW-27524Madeiran sardinellaMadeiran sardinellaSardinella maderensisSL25.0025.00TL33.2533.25LL-1LW-2564.66564.66N
EMW-2752Overall result:280.57564.66N

This screen gives details of the calculations performed to convert the length given in '*** Fish Size Quote ***' of the previous screen (Reference data detail) to a weight.

The weight of a fish at a given length may be estimated using one or more length-weight relationship formulae obtained from for that species. These are expressed for a specific length type (e.g. fork length, total length) and sometimes it is necessary to convert a fish length from one type to another in order to use them. The Overall result is the overall range of all values of Calculated weight lower and upper. Where separate length-weight calculations exist for both males and females, a mean is taken of the two.

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